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frequently asked questions

Q.: Does your company have other services to offer?
Yes we do carpentry repairs, new gutters, drywall and plaster repairs, deck refinishing and cleaning, pressure washing etc. Please refer to our additional services section. We are continually learning about new products and training our staff to work with new products so if you don't see something listed feel free to call us and ask.
Q.: Are there references we can contact?
Yes, Upon request we can provide additional references.
Q.: Will you stay on the job constantly, instead of working for a few days and then leave it and resume?
You will have the same crew from start to finish. There are enough employees that we are able to work on multiple jobs at one time.
Q.: Do I need to obtain a permit to have a job done? If so, who will go about taking care of it?
Permit requirements differ from one town to the other, if there is a matter about one being needed we will check with your towns’ offices about their requirements for the specific job. If one is required to proceed, with some input from you, we can take care of the rest.
Q.: What will be done with the debris produced from the job?
Job sites are maintained with clean ups occurring daily. Depending on the size of the job and the extent of the job, we will transport the debris to a dumpster in our shop or on exceptional occasions we will have construction dumpster on site.
Q.: We have many ideas and desires to update or improve our residence, however we don't want to do it all at once for many reasons. Can you help us?
We are more than happy to work with you on a large project. A vast number of our clients have homes that need a series of projects done (stabilizing the home for the weather or remodeling). There are things that should be given priority and get done first, or along with others so that we do not fall behind. We would be happy to go over a multiyear plan with you to get things done on a budget.
Q.: Do you offer discounts?
We do offer discounted rates during the winter months for interior projects, as well as for active military personnel and senior citizens.
Q.: Does your company do plumbing and electrical work?
We can take care of all of your plumbing and electrical needs through our network of licensed plumbers and electricians who we have working relationships with.
Q.: Do you clear snow from roofs?
Yes, we offer roof clearing during the winter months in adition to a full line of snow removal services. You can contact us for an estimate. Keep in mind, it is always a good idea contact us before the roof starts to leak.
Q.: I had an estimate done; I want to have the job done. How much lead time do you require?
The earlier we know of your project, the sooner we can schedule your project and get the work done in a timely manner.
Q.: Does your company do emergency repairs?
Yes, if there has been damage to your property we will get there as soon as possible to check for any structural damage, secure the building and weather proof your property until we can do full repairs. If your emergency is off hours different rates may apply.
Q.: I received several estimates ranging from high to low. Why is there a significant difference?
The quality of work, materials used, attention to detail, and detail to the job done will generally determine pricing. We would gladly go over your estimates with you and discuss the details, and compare it to any others that you may have.
Q.: What is the average price of a basement remodeling?
It will typically run between $25 to $50 per square foot on a turn key project.
Q.: What is the time span to complete an average basement job?
It normally takes about 8 weeks.
Q.: Do you repair damaged or rotting wood or siding?
We repair all different kinds of wooden exterior surfaces. These include: siding, trim, and window “eyebrows”. We also repair other surfaces that get damaged, such as stucco and composites. If you do not want to worry about rot any longer, we can show you some rot proof replacements for your current siding and trim, or if you need a thorough inspection for damage on all surfaces that need painting, we can provide you with a reasonable price in a free estimate.
Q.: Do you use any composite or synthetic materials?
Yes. We suggest replacing damaged or rotten natural wood or fiber board, such as Masonite with an engineered wood product, composite or synthetic material. The most durable options are engineered wood (LP building products) or cement based, like James Hardie products. Syntheic materials made of vinyl or PVC, tend to be more expensive, but can often be customized more than composites. If there is a specific material you would like to be used, please let us know.
Q.: Throughout the course of my work, what am I responsible for?
We offer services where you will not have to lift a finger. Any furniture that needs moving and/or covering, we will take care of and return to its’ original position when we have finished. We use canvas drop cloths to cover floors and most furniture will be repositioned in the center of the room and covered with plastic. Any larger items may be moved away from the wall and then covered with plastic. Pictures, wall fixtures, and decorations that can be removed, will be taken down. Window treatments will either be removed or covered and we will carefully cut in around if they are not removable.