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AmerDec Construction is a general contractor with decades of residential and commercial work experience with an impressive reference list from satisfied clientele. Our customers know that it is no longer required to hire two or three contractors to do a project. Hiring our company as your contractor is more cost effective and gives you more control over your project. Our team is knowledgeable, friendly, and is respectful while providing the best service you will find in the area. Your residence is your most precious asset and our expertise will make it look outstanding and keep it protected for a long time.

Our History





New Owners

Name Change


American Decorating began as a painting company. 


Juan Garcia joined American as a painter and quickly elevated himself to crew foreman.  At this point, the company had 7 employees, but that was soon about to change.  His ambitious nature quickly led him to begin quoting larger jobs and bringing in a larger list of clienteles.  In short order, Juan partnered with Daniel K.  and the company grew to 22 employees and expanded beyond painting into construction.  As the company grew and expanded as a General Contractor, it was necessary to incorporate itself in 1996. 


Juan’s brother Hugo joined the company contributing the same work ethic to every aspect of the job. 


Juan and Hugo continued to expand and purchased the remaining percentage of the company to become sole owners.  It is at this point that their vision started to take shape.  The company grew by over 200% and a majority of the work was now focused on commercial and multi family properties. 


The name American Decorating and Construction was changed to AmerDec Construction to better emphasize the large scope of the abilities of the company.  The name American Decorating gave the impression the company only focused on painting and finished work. 

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We are committed to quality We have many certifications We are experts in the industry We are committed to our customers
Our Success


A+ Rating

By consistently going above and beyond, we've maintained an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Rapid Growth

Starting out with only a few employees, our success has allowed us to grow and employ a full team of staff.


We've earned many certifications by satisfying clients and receiving countless great reviews.

Client Relationships

By satisfying hundreds of clients, we've earned our community's trust and maintained great relationships.

Our Team

Our dedicated team is committed to going above and beyond in all areas of our work. Our number one priority is client satisfaction, and we are able to achieve that by only employing the most talented and motivated employees.