Juan Garcia

President Joined in 1985 as painter/carpenter, eventually purchasing and becoming co-owner of the company with Hugo in 2005. His academic achievements include St. Augustine College, C.B.T.A. #142 & Instituto Tecnologico Superior.

Hugo Garcia

Director of Operations Joined the company in 2000, soon enough joining forces with his brother Juan, in becoming full co-owner of the company.

Helmut Filian

Corporate Consultant Joined company in 2011, taking a consultant role helping to expand and grow the business.

Steve Albrecht

General Manager Joined our team in 2018 taking the general manager position to help aid with the growth and expansion of the business.

Aglae Mascote-Neuman

Office Manager Joined our team in 2011, now holding office management role.

Myressa Garcia

Customer Service Manager/HR Started in 2012 and recently shifted into HR responsibilities.

Carolina Meza

Customer Service Joined our company in 2018 to aid our growing workload.

Barbara Leiro

Administrative Assistant Came on board in early 2019 as assistant to Director of Operations.

Israel Mujica

Maintenance ManagerJoined us in 2019 as our workload grew, and quickly moved up to a lead position.

Carlos Llorente

Sales Joined our team with over 25 years of experience within the construction industry.