AmerDec Innovates Company Image

Company Re-Branding

After 10 years without any website updates and 41 years using the same logo, we’ve decided that it was time to renew our brand name. We’ve launched our brand new website along with an updated logo. We feel that the new modern look and feel of both our website and logo better represent the quality and brand of our company.

The improvements to our brand is just the first step of many initiatives that we will be taking in growing our online presence. We will soon be putting more emphasis in growing our social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Now AmerDec Construction

To better emphasize the large scope of the abilities of the company, we’ve changed our name from American Decorating and Construction to AmerDec Contruction.  The name Amercian Decoration gave the impression that the company only focused on painting and finished work.

With our new name, brand identity, and initiatives in our online presence, we at AmerDec Construction have big plans to further expand and lead the way in the construction industry.

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